Stock photography image - In memory of the martyred intellectuals of 1971

In memory of the martyred intellectuals of 1971, a Memorial is created in there. The ‘Al-Badr’ and ‘Al-Shams’ Group helped the West Pakistan Army to locate the intellectuals and slaughtered them and many other innocent peoples at night. After the massacre they brought the corpses and left them into the swamps of Rayer Bazaar. After the Liberation War, the people of Dhaka found out that all the dead bodies of many great intellectuals and innocent people are piled up in here.”[5] Martyred Intellectuals Memorial is the memorial built for the memory of the martyred intellectuals of 1971. The memorial is built in the Boddhobhumi at Rayer Bazaar.



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Stock photography image - Bddovumi Rayer Bazar

In memory of the martyred intellectuals of 1971

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Stock photography image - Bddovumi Rayer Bazar Bddovumi Rayer Bazar
This is the place where thousands of civilian were killed by Pakistani Army during 1971 Independence War. Boddho Bhumi Smriti Soudha (Slaughter-Place Memorial) was built to commemorate the death of some of the nation's finest intellectuals and others, who were killed at the very end of the war of liberation (1971) by the Pakistani army with the help of their collaborators at Rayer Bazaar brick field of Dhaka. The memorial edifice was constructed at the place where the mass killing took place. Among the people killed indiscriminately were educationists, physicians, journalists, writers, film directors and other professionals [7]
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Keywords: 14th december 1971., 9171, Architectural, Boddovumi, brick work, Building, inteellectuals killing, Memorial, pakistan army
Location: RayerBaza , Mohammadpur dhaka , BANGLADESH
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Photographer: © Hamim CHOWDHURY